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Getting married in 1942 and being separated for 3 years during the war.
An account of a military childhood in Bitburg, West Germany in the 1950s
Family Housing. Kanagawa, Japan.jpg
A color photo of an apartment building allocated for US military families during their deployments in Japan.
A description of on-post housing in the 1970s; rundown housing and drug use; financial problems of enlisted personnel and families
An aerial photo of Howard AFB, Panama Canal Zone, 1970
A color photo of Kelley Barracks at Stuttgart
An account by Paul Helwer of his time with the 64th Engineer Battalion at Wheels AFB, Libya
Photo of the main gate to Chaumont Air Base, France. US facilities in France were returned to the French in 1966
A photo of the MATS information desk at Orly.