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Post-WWII MP and Japanese Police.jpg
A black and white photo of a US military MP and a Japanese policeman confiscating black market goods from a Japanese citizen.
Family Housing. Kanagawa, Japan.jpg
A color photo of an apartment building allocated for US military families during their deployments in Japan.
A color photo of Kelley Barracks at Stuttgart
A description of on-post housing at Fort Bliss, including Housing Office orientation, regulations, problems with cockroaches
A description of on-post housing in the 1970s; rundown housing and drug use; financial problems of enlisted personnel and families
A description of working as a waitress in a club; African-American and Korean employees; baggers in the PX
A photo of the MATS information desk at Orly.
An account by Paul Helwer of his time with the 64th Engineer Battalion at Wheels AFB, Libya
An account of a military childhood in Bitburg, West Germany in the 1950s
An aerial photo of Howard AFB, Panama Canal Zone, 1970